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ORGA-NIX | Information

What is ORGA-NIX?

ORGA-NIX is a scheduling software for small, medium sized and large businesses. The basic and important functions for convenient and reliable schedules are as user friendly as possible be integrated, so that may appeal to inform the organizational level of your business quickly and with a few clicks and all relevant staff.

What can ORGA-NIX?

Among the basic functions of the software include the entry of dates with a wide variety of important settings (for details, see the help), the coordination of information, provision of user activities and the global online exchange of appointments and important data. because of the different user groups and permission levels allow you to customize the software to your company and save a lot of time.

What do I need to use ORGA-NIX?

Because the software runs web-based, simply, a current Internet browser. You can use the software on a Windows PC, Mac or even a smartphone.

How much does ORGA-NIX?

For more information, see the menu item 'Prices'. The license fees once a year. For the institution itself are no additional costs.


ORGA-NIX is easy for individual use and reduced to the essentials. No unnecessary features that you do not use, no learning for first use. The software helps you in a few minutes of your organization and scheduling. This will save much time and money.

Can I try ORGA-NIX before i buy it?

Under the menu item 'Test ORGA-NIX' you move to the desired page with all the necessary information. ORGA-NIX you can try for 14 days free.